About 3D Cake Store

In the beginning

The 3D Cake Store came into existence when our founder, Anne, realised that there was a way to make 3D celebration cakes even better.

Anne had been a traditional baker for eight years, so she was already a dab hand at making classic cakes. However, when she teamed up with her business partner, an aeronautical engineer, they combined their very different skill sets to create a brand new way of producing 3D cakes – by using a 3D printer.

After two whole years of development and fine-tuning, the 3D cake printer is up and running, and we are able to create stunning edible masterpieces!

The process

Our 3D cake process begins with a physical object, like a car or an animal, which is then scanned and imported into our bespoke software.

We then prepare our delicious sponge cake, which is layered with freshly whipped Swiss buttercream and preserves, with an extra layer of buttercream added on top to form the basic shape.

The cake is then placed in our patented 3D fondant printer, which applies fondant icing directly onto the cake in the shape of the chosen object. Once this is complete, cakes are then handed over to our expert decorating artists to be airbrushed and hand painted with natural food colourings to really bring our cakes to life!

Next, we add the personal touches. Names, ages and special messages are placed alongside the cake on a display board, ready to wow our customers.

Cakes are then securely wrapped and packaged before being handed over to our trusted 48-hour delivery courier to be delivered directly to your door!

Our cakes

Our range of 3D cakes is constantly growing, and we are happy to take on bespoke designs if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

So, if you’re looking for an extra special celebration cake for an upcoming birthday party or event, get in touch on 07580497263 or order your very own 3D printed, personalised cake online!